Our Mission: Make Bitcoin easy Raivo Malter, Co-founder

piixPay.com is operated by Payster Oy. We believe that cryptocurrency has already proven itself today as an alternative means of payment. We do everything in our power to increase this role in the future. To promote this, we are constantly launching new innovative solutions and services.

Our key people:

Evald-Hannes Kree

Board member, shareholder

Evald-Hannes Kree is acquiring his Master’s degree in international business management. Evald-Hannes is an entrepreneur at heart, whose true interest in cryptotechnology and –currency began in 2013. Evald-Hannes has an international experience in online trading.

Raivo Malter

Shareholder, IT manager

IT consultant and entrepreneur with an MBA degree. Interested in Bitcoin since the spring of 2011. Raivo has high technical skills and is a certified (CCDA, Juniper FW, Linux, MCP, ITIL, etc.) inventor. Certified DFIN-511 cryptocurrency course with a grade “B” in University of Nicosia 2015. Raivo is also one of the founding members of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association.

Our timeline:

  • 06/2014 conceptual idea forms
  • 11/2014 company is established
  • 02/2015 public open beta
  • 04/2015 merchant user interfaces and API in public open beta
  • 06/2015 first merchants in Estonia
  • 06/2015 first API integration in cafeteria (https://youtu.be/HEAnkikjGyU)
  • 08/2015 we are selected to Alpha track at WebSummit in Dublin
  • 10/2015 we are at Riga Comm 2015 exhibition (http://rigacomm.com/)
  • 11/2015 WebSummit 2015 stand D-190, 3rd day
  • 10/2017 Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and DASH crypto currencies were added
  • 01/2018 Added new feature: invoice system (https://www.piixpay.com/web/template/add/)
  • 02/2018 Extended service to 102 countries or territories
  • 02/2018 We were nominated for Benzinga Global Fintech Awards

Our Friends:

Others about us:

piixPay.com Terms of Use

piixPay.com (Payster OY) is a company which mediates Euro payments for Crypto coins in the European Union.
Payster OY is a company registered in Kerava, Finland (reg. No 2647643-7), which performs payments through the LHV Bank in Estonia.
The contracting authority is a private or legal person who is ordering a Euro payment in euros within the territory of the European Union.

How piixPay.com works:

  1. Enter the invoice details and personal information in required forms.
  2. Make the Crypto coin payment.
  3. piixPay.com will do the Euro payment, for which we exchange Crypto coins pursuant to the current exchange rate.
  4. When the payment is accepted and completed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

Terms of Service

Service fees: 5€ + 1.75%.
Bank transaction fees may apply for different countries from 0.50€ to 25€.
The transaction maximum amount is 5 000 €, minimum 0.10 €.

Terms of Use

I confirm to have carefully read, understood and agreed without objections to the following Terms of Use of piixPay.com.
By entering this website, a binding contract between piixPay.com and you as the contracting authority enters into force.
As the contracting authority, I confirm that I have the right and obligation to check the terms of use every time I use this website, and am therefore also obligated to comply with them. The area of operations is the European Union and the valid currency is Euro EUR and Crypto coins.
piixPay.com will not forward your information to third persons and will not use your e-mail address to send junk mail, except in cases required by the law or a valid court ruling.
We will retain the information that you entered on the piixPay.com homepage. We will send you information by e-mail regarding:

You can close your piixPay.com account any time by contacting our customer support.
Invalid e-mail addresses are deleted from the database in 20 days.
Sending junk mail is strictly prohibited.
Hacking is strictly prohibited.

By using the piixPay.com website, you agree that only you are responsible for maintaining and protecting your account and password and will not permit third persons to access your registered account.

Payment terms and conditions

  1. If you transfer more Crypto coins than required for Euro payments, we will send you an e-mail requesting for a Crypto coin address to which to return the excess Crypto coins. If no response is received to the e-mail in 3 days, then piixPay.com has the right to retain the excess Crypto coins.
  2. If you transfer fewer Crypto coins than necessary within 30 minutes after entering the invoice, we will send you an e-mail requesting for a Crypto coin address to which to return the Crypto coins. Crypto coins necessary to pay the invoice must be paid within 30 minutes. The missing part cannot be added later. (piixPay.com retains the service fees.) If the repayment address for Crypto coins is not sent in three days, then piixPay.com retains the Crypto coins.

Tax policies vary from country to country, therefore the contracting authority has the duty to pay and declare fees for ordered products, import customs taxes, commission fees and other fees.